The <em>Looking For Alaska</em> soundtrack will make <em>The O.C.</em> fans nostalgic

The Looking For Alaska soundtrack will make The O.C. fans nostalgic

Looking For Alaska is about to turn back time. The upcoming Hulu adaptation of John Green’s YA novel from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage just rele

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Looking For Alaska is about to turn back time.

The upcoming Hulu adaptation of John Green’s YA novel from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage just released the full soundtrack list of songs featured in the eight-episode drama, and it’s full of hits from the early ’00s as well as new covers of iconic songs that are going to make any fan of The O.C. super nostalgic. Just listen to Mating Ritual’s cover of The Bravery’s “An Honest Mistake,” featured in the show’s official trailer as well as one of the most pivotal scenes in the season and try not to think about its legendary placement in The O.C.’s season 2 finale.

Looking For Alaska‘s soundtrack is specially curated by Alexandra Patsavas, aka the guru behind all the best music moments from not only The O.C. but also The Twilight Saga and Grey’s Anatomy. Looking for Alaska is such a beautiful, timeless coming-of-age story,” Patsavas says in an interview with Billboard, who first announced the news. “The mix of songs in the show speaks to that timelessness, by combining original artists from the era with current versions of the era’s best by some of the most important new artists of 2019.”

Coming from teen drama experts Schwartz and Savage, the book/series is set in 2005, a.k.a. right in the middle of when their previous series The O.C. was on the air, so the showrunners were able to revisit that same era and once again have music play a major part in setting the tone for every character and scene.

“We worked really hard to make sure pretty much all the music that’s in the show is from that year,” Schwartz previously said. “It was pretty fun — I got to pull out some of my O.C. playlists that I had back in the day, music that never made it onto the show. It was like revisiting moments.”

Check out the full tracklist below:

  1.         So Here We Are – Bloc Party
  2.         I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Miya Folick (Death Cab For Cutie cover)
  3.         Ask Me Anything – The Strokes
  4.         To Be Alone With You – Fleurie (Sufjan Stevens cover)
  5.         Crosses – José González
  6.         Orange Sky – Kat Cunning (Alexi Murdoch Cover)
  7.         Macarena – Beginners (Los Del Rio Bayside Boys Remix Cover)
  8.         With Arms Outstretched – Rilo Kiley
  9.         Salvation – Bailen (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club cover)
  10.       The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  11.       Take Me Out – Young Summer (Franz Ferdinand cover)
  12.       An Honest Mistake – Mating Ritual (feat. Lizzy Land) (The Bravery cover)
  13.       The World at Large – Modest Mouse
  14.       Looking for Alaska Score Suite – Siddhartha Khosla

Looking For Alaska tells the story of teenager Miles “Pudge” Halter (Charlie Plummer), who enrolls in boarding school to try to gain a deeper perspective on life and find his “great perhaps” when his life at home with his parents just isn’t cutting it. As soon as he arrives as Culver Creek Prep, he meets and falls in love with a confident, mysterious girl, Alaska Young (Kristine Froseth). But after an unexpected tragedy, he and his close friends attempt to uncover the truth and make sense of it while learning some incredibly important lessons about life, love and the art of letting go.

Pre-order for the soundtrack is available now, and Looking For Alaska (Music From The Hulu Series) will be available beginning Friday, Oct. 18, the same day that all eight episodes debut on Hulu.

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